So Lou Dobbs is gone from CNN. Goodbye, and good riddance. I freelanced on a show called “Biz Buzz” at CNNfn in the late 90s. Dobbs was abusive and totalitarian to everyone around him. When he left in 1999 for, no one cried. He was impossibly rude. When he left that time, no one cried.

More recently, Dobbs has lost his mind on CNN. He belongs squarely on Fox News or their little watched Business Network. His right wing opinions about immigration and just about everything else have helped him “jump the shark.” Like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Michael Savage, Dobbs foments hate. He has no connection to objective journalism. CNN scarcely has viewers now. The remaining ones won’t miss him.

The negative vibe of right wing broadcasting and print is taking a big hit these days, and why not? This week a fired New York Post editor sued the paper for sexual harrassment and wrongful termination. She alleges in her lawsuit that the editors at the Post told her they were going to “get” President Barack Obama. I am certain she is correct in this. In mid-March, in the same building, Fox News editors were told the exact same thing. It was relayed to me at lunch right after it happened, just before I was canned in April.

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