Jude Law got a night off last night, and headed to the Waverly Inn for dinner with a couple of pals.

The star of “Hamlet” just missed the eatery’s owner, Graydon Carter, who’d been in earlier with his family. He also just missed the New York Post’s Cindy Adams and a gaggle of other media types who’d turned up for a cocktail engagement party for p.r. powerhouse Norah Lawlor and her fiancee, Jeffrey Bradford.

Jude dined with Simon Hammerstein, the flamboyant owner of New York’s hottest club, The Box, and a new theater district venture called Purgatario.

When Jude asked if I’d seen “Hamlet.” and I responded yes, he said, “Now that we’re here, I’ve finally learned my lines!” It was a joke.

He told me the play, which started in London, has now “recouped” its expenses. The actors are more relaxed. They still have performances through December 6th of “the Danish play.”

Law, who appears as Dr. Watson in “Sherlock Holmes” on screen next month, has no movies set up for shooitng once “Hamlet” takes his bow. “I’ll just take some time off and be with my kids.” he said.

Speaking of those kids ‘ they’ve seen Dad in “Hamlet” a couple of times. “My youngest son can quote the play,” said a proud Jude.

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