Michael Jackson’s father, Joseph, has been dealt a legal blow — by his own wife!

Katherine Jackson’s attorney, Adam Streisand, has confirmed for me that his client no longer objects to the permanent appointment of their son’s executors. Katherine Jackson will now agree to John Branca and John McClain running Michael’s estate.

Since Katherine and Michael’s children are the only named heirs to Michael’s estate, it’s now expected the judge, Mitchell Beckloff, will make his final approvals.

This pretty much undercuts the crazy and lengthy objection Joseph Jackson has filed with the court to overturn Michael’s will and oust the executors. It’s poetic justice that Joseph Jackson has been undone by his own wife. Michael must be smiling in heaven.

Streisand, in an e-mail, did tell me that Katherine is not, however, objecting to her husband getting an allowance from the estate.

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