I was not at the big all-media screening last night of Sony/Columbia’s “2012,” directed by Roland Emmerich. But my sources who saw it on both coasts had this to say, in unison: “It’s ludicrous.”

Surprise! A $200million-plus movie about the end of the world in which John Cusack is able to drive successfully through earthquakes and tsunamis ‘ what did we expect?

According to people who were at last night’s screenings, there is a lot of laughter where there shouldn’t be in “2012.” While the special effects and CGI look like lots of fun from the trailers and clips, you can tell that the story is inane. Now actual witnesses swear to it.

I won’t give away the ending, because, obviously, the characters have survived “the end of the world” so they can start anew ‘ and maybe work in a sequel. The word is that Danny Glover makes an unimpressive president, and the rest of the cast is unconvincing. An L.A. insider told me: “I can’t believe this movie will have ‘legs.’ Just one big weekend, and it’s over.”

Lucky for Sony, “This Is It” has turned out to be a good sized hit. That should soothe the pain of having to swallow millions if “2012″ turns out to be a bust. It does sound like a hoot, though, and I will definitely see it on Saturday afternoon. If ever a movie sounded like a good candidate for “talk back,” this is it, as they say.

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