Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” has actually hit $185 million worldwide and will keep going past Thanksgiving, sources tell me.

“It’s conceivable that it’s on its way to $250 million,” says a source.

So it’s all good, with the companion album from Sony Music expected to hit the 500,000 mark.

Meanwhile, over the weekend, unbeknownst to anyone, Michael’s kids got some R & R and fun time. They went to the Lakers game on Friday night with AEG’s Randy Phillips, nanny Grace Rwaramba (yes, she’s baaack!), and two of Tito Jackson’s kids.

Prince, Paris, and Blanket got to see Kobe Bryant score 41 points in the Lakers win, and no one bothered them. I’m told they also spent some time at the pinball arcade next to the Staples Center. How did they get away with it? “They used AEG security instead of the Jacksons,” a source tells me. “And they wore normal clothes.” Nice.

Now — as far as the kids seeing “This Is It“– they have not seen the movie yet. One attempt was made to bring them to a theater, but paparazzi caught on. The field trip was aborted.

And the kids’ status: “They seem to be in good shape,” says a source. Still, this week, as I reported a few days ago — Debbie Rowe will ask the family court to enforce her custody/visitation agreement.

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