Debbie Rowe — mother of Michael Jackson’s two eldest children, Prince Michael and Paris – is on her’way back to court. The reason? Sources say’that in the four months since Michael died, she still has not seen the kids.

I am told that’the deal Rowe worked out with Katherine Jackson after Michael died provided for visits with the kids and a family court psychiatrist. Rowe insisted on the latter, thinking it would be’helpful to introduce her’into the kids’ lives.

But one visit was scotched by Katherine Jackson, and since then the Jacksons have resisted efforts to make a meeting possible. Rowe is unhappy with the situation, and is’said to be instructing her attorney to go back to their’family court judge for an intervention.

“Katherine doesn’t like the idea of the psychiatrist,” says a source. She also, plainly, doesn’t like the idea of the children’s natural mother’getting close to them.

Maybe one reason is that there are a lot of questions about what is going on in the Jackson home. For one thing, one of Rowe’s provisions in the original agreement is that Joseph Jackson have nothing to do with the kids. He’s been revealed by Michael in several different kinds of interviews as abusive to children. He’s certainly been openly exploitative of Michael since his death.

But Joe Jackson has regularly been a presence in Prince, Paris and Blanket’s lives since Michael’s death and the court agreement. In fact,’sources say he was there at Hayvenhurst last week with them.

To make matters worse, I received a call last week from a’friend of Joe Jackson’s, and someone who usually defends the’family.

“Those kids should not be in that house,”’this insider told me. “All that’s talked about is money, Michael’s money, and how to’get it. The kids are very sweet now. But they’ll be ruined if they turn into Jacksons.”

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