More outlets are joining our call from October 5th: Disney should give back the Miramax name to the Weinstein brothers.

Over the weekend came news that Disney followed through with its decision from a month ago. Miramax is no longer a thriving New York indie. It’s a catalog company with a few releases left to distribute. Daniel Battsek, who ran the company ably enough to garner a Best Picture win with “No Country for Old Men,” has stepped down.

I raised this issue in a column here on October 5th: that a family-oriented company like Disney should return a family name like Miramax to its originators. Miramax was named for Miriam and Max Weinstein, parents of Bob and Harvey.

Today a blog that shall not be named or linked to restated my original thesis (of course, without credit). And even though they sampled from us, much like Jay-Z does from old R&B records, it’s still a sound idea.

Disney loses nothing by returning the Miramax name. The movies released by a post-Weinstein Miramax can simply be relabeled as Disney Home Video releases. No one will care, and there aren’t that many of them. For the Weinsteins, it’s a matter of family.

As I wrote in this column a month ago, Disney chief Robert Iger is just the sort of magnanimous fellow to make this happen. As for those who take up our causes, a little credit would go a long way toward peace in the Internet valley.

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