58450905Liv Tyler couldn’t wait anymore.

That’s the word from insiders on “The Romantics,” the indie film that Tyler officially left some time ago. Yesterday it was announced that Katie Holmes was replacing her in the project. But that’s not exactly the case.

Apparently, sources say, “The Romantics” was supposed to have shot last summer. That would have given Tyler time to wrap it up and get ready for “Super,” the James Gunn feature starring Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page.

But “The Romantics” got off schedule, and doesn’t start shooting until next week. Tyler, sources say, was committed to starting “Super.” The result was that she had to drop out. Holmes subsquently dropped in.

Tyler, meantime, is on a roll. She’s in the mix, sources say, for a sequel to her hit “The Strangers.” And there’s also a project brewing called “Fellini Black and White” with Antonio Banderas as the famed Italian director.

For Holmes, I’m told, the deal is no different than what was offered Tyler: executive producer and decision making. What will be interesting is whether or not this time Holmes will be able to make a movie without having a permanent chaperone. For her last two shoots ‘ “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” and “The Estra Man” ‘ husband Tom Cruise has been Velcro’d to her side.

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