Just as this column predictedMichael Jackson’s “This Is It’s” two-week run has been extended through Thanksgiving. I told you back on October 23 that it could get a one or two-week extension.

So far, worldwide, Sony puts the boxoffice take at $101 million. The non-U.S. take is $68.5 million. The domestic take is $32. 5 million. As I reported last night, “This Is It” has knocked off every competitor in the documentary and concert categories for all-time boxoffice.

The hilarious part reading elsewhere is that it’s either a hit or a flop or both. Some people can’t make up their minds. It’s easy to see by these numbers that “This Is It” is a hit. Sony and AEG Live got this exactly right.

Now, of course, the next step is for AEG to open the show in Las Vegas, with Kenny Ortega and the cast. There’s been some talk of a Cirque du Soleil rendering. But I think this is a mistake. Fans will want to see the live version of the movie. And Cirque du Soleil is way over saturated right now. Plus, they have’ the Beatles’ “Love” show. I think if Paul McCartney catches wind of it, he’ll convince the Cirque folks to stay away from Michael Jackson. There’s still a lot of soreness on that subject. Whether Michael is dead or alive, the Beatles songs are not owned by McCartney because of him.

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