Dr. Arnold Klein, Michael Jackson’s long time dermatologist, is determined to embarrass him today. Yes, Michael is dead, but his movie, “This Is It,” is opening to rave reviews. What can Dr. Klein do to steal the spotlight?

Well, he sued Michael yesterday for just under $50,000. Klein says Michael racked up that balance with him between March 23rd and June 22, 2009. Procedures were mostly facial things ‘ Restalyne, suntanning, Botox, that sort of thing.

It’s interesting to note that Dr. Klein ‘ for whom Debbie Rowe (they no longer speak) once worked, and who set up the birth of Blanket, Michael’s third child ‘ charged Jackson a grotesque $5,000 for an unscheduled weekend appointment and $7,500 for another.

The purpose of the lawsuit does seem to be to reveal a laundry list of Michael’s treatments. Klein could have filed last summer, or waited until after “This Is It” was released ”or even better, wrote off the amount since Jackson kept him in business for years. But greed is greed, and Klein picked yesterday to get maximum exposure. As Chrissie Hynde sings so brilliantly, “You know who your friends are.”

Now that Klein has filed suit, I do hope the Jackson executors file a complaint against him with the California Medical Board. Those fees seem usurious. The board might also look at the drugs Klein was giving Michael including Lantoprost, which is opthalmic ‘ meaning for eye doctors, not dermatologists, to prescribe.

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