58574519You heard it here first: Sting is bringing his “If On a Winter’s Night” show to St. John the Divine in Harlem.

An announcement is forthcoming about concerts planned for December 8 and 9. They will be similar to the ones he performed in England at Durham Cathedral. Tickets go on sale on November 2.

No, there will be no “Roxanne.” But on “If On a Winter’s Night,” Sting has revisited his classic, “The Hounds of Winter.” It’s beautifully wrought, as are all 15 of these imaginative, thought provoking and extremely pleasurable tracks. They find Sting in great voice, by the way. And while the songs are not Christmas carols, they are eminently hummable.

Further down in this site you will see our exclusive stream of a track from the album, called “The Burning Babe.” Jackie DeJohnette plays the drums on it. How cool is that?

By the way, the main musicians on the album include Dominic Miller, Mary MacMaster, Julian Sutton, Kathyrn Tickell, and Bijan Chemirani. Robert Sadin produced along with Sting.

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