ABC News Nightline’s report on Scientology last week doesn’t bode well for Tom Cruise. Just as he was trying to polish up his press by making new movie with Cameron Diaz, Cruise’s image is getting tarnished again.

And now what? After burning his bridges on the Today show with Matt Lauer, Cruise headed to ABC, “Good Morning America” and Diane Sawyer for a little spin.

But now ABC News has done a massive report on Scientology, including Cruise, and none of it is good. Spurred on by the recent Scientology gala in the UK, “Nightline” does a good job investigating the church’s leader, David Miscavige. All the videos posted on You Tube with Miscavige and Cruise ‘ especially Cruise preaching at podiums about L.Ron Hubbard”are dredged up. If you were the producer of Cruise’s upcoming “Knight and Day,” formerly known as “Wichita,” you wouldn’t be too happy.

The ABC story also coincides with the recent mistrial in the Bahamas of the men who allegedly tried to extort money from John Travolta over the death of his son Jett last year. For a while there was a rumor of the Travoltas leaving Scientology, but they were unfounded.

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