Here’s an exclusive track from Sting’s new album, “If On A Winter’s Night.” The album drops on Monday, October 26th,the day before a bunch of other releases including the Michael Jackson album and Rod Stewart’s CD of soul song covers. Don’t get them mixed up!

I really love this track, called “The Burning Babe,” and asked for it especially to be released to us at All the tracks on “If On A Winter’s Night” are exceptional, rethought Christmas-type tales that make you want to put on the CD, pour some wine, and get into the holiday mood. But this one, and “Christmas at Sea,” Sting’s take on Robert Louis Stevenson, are examples of how this musician continues to grow and experiment successfully. Sting’s intrepid musicianship, his willingness to explore and expand, is quite frankly missing from the current generation of “rock stars.” They should take a lesson from people like him, Paul Simon, and David Byrne.

Last month, Sting and his band recorded “If’ On A Winter’s Night” live at Durham Cathedral in Britain. The DVD gets released on November 23rd, and three days later, on Thanksgiving, the whole concert plays on PBS’s “Great Performances” across the country. Sting also turns up next Thursday at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame shows as the special guest of Stevie Wonder.

And watch this space: I do hear that Sting will be bringing the live show to some more venues soon to be announced.

In the meantime, enjoy “The Burning Babe,” based on a poem by Robert Southwell (1561-1595), with music by Chris Wood. I just read on Wikipedia that Ben Jonson, Southwell’s contemporary, was jealous of this poem. He had good taste!

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