58715126Sienna Miller and Jonny Lee Miller hit Broadway last night with a bang. They co-star with Marin Ireland (she was so good in “reasons to be pretty“) in Patrick Marber’s “After Miss Julie,” an update of Strindberg’s “Miss Julie.” It’s not an easy play. For what seems like an eternity, not a word is said on stage while Marin Ireland’s character does chores on stage as she waits for the Millers (who are not related in real life or fiction) to return from a dance. At one point her character falls asleep on stage. The actress told me later she’s incredibly tense she herself will doze off, too. “Luckily, Sienna wakes me up. I always know she’s coming to do it!”

But the three actors (pictured), especially glamorous Sienna ‘ who continues to impress as a serious actress ‘ pull it off. If you can make it through the second half of this 90-minute play, the rewards are vast.

The stars got a lot of attention last night at their premiere. Claire Danes and newish husband Hugh Dancy were right there to cheer them on, as were Jill Clayburgh and David Rabe, actress Rachel McAdams, Vogue magazine’s Anna Wintour and even one of the vampires from “Tru Blood” ‘ the tall and very tan Alexander Skarsgard. (Did you know his father is the excellent Swedish actor, Stellan Skarsgard?) Gossipeuse Cindy Adams was there, too, with her friend, Judge Maryanne Trump Barry, the sister of the Donald and aunt of the about to be married Ivanka. (The Orthodox Jewish wedding to Jared Kushner is this weekend in New Jersey. I’m told mom Ivana got just 10 seats for her friends.)

Sienna’s dad and stepmom were in the audience supporting her, too. After the show, the actress was glowing, and with good reason. Yet again, she’s beaten the tabloids and the odds makers and pulled off a little coup. Brava!

P.S. Jonny Lee Miller is no slouch, either. The first husband of Angelina Jolie, he’s been biding his time in British theater and on American TV in “Eli Stone.” He’s the real deal.

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