Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” opens worldwide in theaters on Wednesday. But you won’t be seeing it on DVD until February.

That’s because the movie studios have a deal with DVD companies. There has to be a 90-day window after the movie has played in theaters before it’s available in stores.

“This Is It” is set to play for two weeks, from Oct. 28-Nov. 13. Sony won’t admit it, but if it does well, the documentary could get a one or two week extension in theaters.

Either way, count 90 days from the end of its theater run before you can buy it as a DVD. That means no Michael Jackson Christmas. The earliest it would turn up is Feb. 13.

That nugget of info should create even more demand for tickets to the theater run. Even this reporter assumed “This Is It” would be the stocking stuffer of all time. But sources inside say no, and that’s it. Fans will have to rely on the collector’s item soundtrack CD featuring the songs from the movie in their original recorded versions.

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