So what’s happened to the “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” musical on Broadway, now just a few months away from opening?

“It’s still a $45 million mess,” says an insider who confirmed that Jim Stern and a group of investors including Norton Herrick are supposedly coming in as angels to save the day.

Will this show be happening? “Yes, definitely,” says my source, who knows as much as anyone. “It’s too good not to.”

But in the meantime, “Spider Man” ‘ directed by Julie Taymor with music by U2 ‘ is sort of drifting.

“They had just enough money to get the theater ready. That’s what’s going on right now, preparations. But they don’t have the money to really start beyond that. They’re just waiting.”

Five months remain — short months for a big show — to get “Spider-Man” ready for action. Come on, money guys, the ball is in your…web! And Evan Rachel Wood (who will play Mary Jane) isn’t getting any younger!

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