Joe Jackson has found a great new way to exploit his son Michael’s movie and his death, all at the same time.

Jackson Senior is having a fundraiser for HIMSELF at the Palms Hotel and Casino on Oct. 27, the night before Michael’s “This Is It” film opens around the world. He says he’s screening the film for a select group of his fans!

The tickets are $3,000, and Jackson will be there in Las Vegas to meet and greet these lucky people. It’s called a Platinum VIP event.

More importantly, he’s altered Sony’s trailer for “This Is It,” using it as a video invite. The video is above.

It begins: “Hello, I’m Joe Jackson. I’d like to invite you to see my son’s movie.”

Here’s the invite to Jackson Senior’s party, too.

This reminds me of another time when Joe tried to horn in on Michael’s spotlight back in September 2001. On the morning of Michael’s 30th anniversary concert, Joe called a press conference to announce he was starting a video company. It never happened, but it was just about Joe. He is a remarkable fellow. Can he get away with it? Why not? That is, until the lawyers show up!

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