Michael Jackson’s new single “This Is It” ‘ its existence was first reported here, exclusively.

Now it’s out this morning, and “This Is It” should be called “This WAS It.” The single sounds more or less like Michael’s never-released 2001 charity single, “What More Can I Do” and his 1985 hit, “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You.”

The new single is a mess. It has no actual chorus, and ‘ to make matters worse ‘ it has background vocals added by some of Michael’s brothers. Jackson would never have wanted that.

“This Is It” was produced, or concocted, by John McClain, Jackson’s longtime friend and one of the executors to his estate. McClane tried unsuccessfully to get the Jackson 5 back together in 2002, after Michael’s solo concerts in 2001. At the time, he was assisting in Michael’s management with Trudy Green of HK Management.

Well, the song is not great. For a theme song, and a way to market the “This is It” movie, it’s fine. But there are better songs among the few Michael left behind in the vaults. There’s one, left off of “Bad,” called “Saturday Night Woman,” that’s supposed to be a real, er, thriller. Maybe it will turn up on a CD of unreleased material.

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