bbcover for pressBebe Buell’s first album in a long time hits ITunes and Amazon’s MP3 library today:

“Sugar” is written and produced by Bebe with her husband, Jim Wallerstein and his percussion mad partner Bobby Rae, aka Twinomatick. David Minehan plays lead guitar.

They’ve even updated a couple of cover songs — “Air Kisses for the Masses” by Dean Johnson and “Untouchable” by Johnny Thunders.

Bebe is still rockin’ some thirty years after giving birth to daughter Liv Tyler. She’s the hippest grandmother in the rock galaxy. All the songs on “Sugar” are power pop and rock laced with a little punk, strong hooks, memorable melodies and lava-like lyrics. Bebe sings her you-know-what off in this sort of tribute to Marianne Faithfull’s “Broken English.”

“Sugar” catches us up from her days with The Gargoyles in the 1980s. Her many tabloid adventures are captured in the incredibly catchy “Timeline.” Her penchant for writing songs ready for the movies can be found in “Trunk of Dreams.” * (If one or two of these don’t wind up in the next “Twilight” movie then someone’s sleeping in the wrong coffin!)

Did you know that Cameron Crowe based Penny Lane, Kate Hudson’s character in “Almost Famous,” partially on Bebe?

Bebe sold out the Hiro Ballroom in June and Maxwell’s in Hoboken last month. Catch her next at the Village Underground on Oct. 23. And by all means, download “Sugar” before it gets picked up by a label and the price goes up!

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