Big News from Boston, where Tom Cruise is shooting his comeback movie, “Wichita.”

This week, Katie Holmes–aka Mrs. Cruise–was seen showing the couple’s toddler daughter Suri a non-Scientology school. Katie was photographed taking Suri into the Yawkey School for Children at the Boston Children’s Museum.

This is key because Cruise’s other kids are home-schooled in Scientology. Katie could easily have taken Suri to the local Scientology school outside Boston. There’s a Delphi Academy right near them. (Delphi is the name of all the Scientology private schools in the country.)

It’s unclear whether they were visiting for the day or will be back. It’s also unclear if Suri will escape Scientology training, or whether this was a one-time photo-op to show that Cruise isn’t completely rigid when it comes to his kids’ Scientology inculcation.

Meanwhile, it seems that “Wichita,” which also stars Cameron Diaz, has picked up Peter Sarsgaard as Tom’s nemesis in this thriller-romance. At the Toronto Film Festival a few weeks ago, Sarsgaard indicated he was in talks to play a villain in a big film. Looks like “Wichita” is it. Good for him. Cruise is excellent at surrounding himself with top notch “real” actors in films. The last “Mission Impossible” film was a knockout because Philip Seymour Hoffman played the bad guy. Jamie Foxx played opposite Cruise in “Collateral.” And so on.

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