After promising she’d be there, BET talk show host and comedienne Mo’Nique will not be attending Saturday’s New York Film Festival premiere of “Precious.” And her publicist of two weeks has just quit as well.

You may recall I wrote a story last week in which everyone connected to the film swore she’d be there. Well, it’s not happening. Cited by me and everyone else who’s seen the film as a possible Oscar nominee, Mo’Nique just doesn’t get it or doesn’t want it. She’s missed the Cannes and Toronto film festivals, and has done virtually no press for “Precious” since she appeared at the Sundance Film Festival last January.

The ostensible reason for this absence is that her BET talk show starts next week and she’s taping shows. But she’s not taping on Saturday or Sunday, so that dog doesn’t hunt. And the first show, for Monday, is in the can.

I did tell you that Mo’Nique has gotten herself a reputation for demanding money for showing up to promote “Precious.” It’s a first in Oscar history.

Last week I spoke to one of her representatives, who said, “It’s just supporting actress. It’s not lead, is it?” What the heck! It would be nice if someone close to Mo’Nique will explain her behavior soon. Otherwise, her “cinch” Oscar is about to fade away.

“Precious” will go on and be just fine without Mo’Nique. Gabby Sidibe is a likely Best Actress nominee, and Mariah Carey’s extraordinary performance as social worker Mrs. Weiss could land her in Best Supporting Actress ‘ Mariah will be thrilled with a Supporting nom.

Meanwhile, Mo’Nique’s publicist of two weeks, Tresa Sanders, has just quit. Sanders ‘ whose experience includes’Mary J. Blige and other hip hop divas ‘ came on to help Mo’Nique with her talk show and with “Precious.” She quit yesterday after trying to explain why Mo’Nique wasn’t coming to New York.

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