Mary Wilson is back in town.

The Supreme with a heart has never been taken seriously as a lead singer. She was always considered one of Diana Ross’s “back up” singers.

But those in the know, know Mary has an amazing voice and a vibrant stage presence. She proved it last night at Feinstein’s at the Regency, where she’s in week two of a sold out run doing a jazz numbers mixed with a few Supremes songs.

Mary has one more show tonight, and two each on Friday and Saturday.

Looking a decade younger than her 65 years, Wilson reminisces just a bit about the Supremes, and includes a few re-arranged gems like “My World is Empty Without You” and “Come See About Me.”

But she also covers Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now” sort of magnificently, as well as Sting’s “Fields of Gold” and several standards. Her earthy voice is a cross between Tina Turner and Gladys Knight, and she’s hitting notes that some of the younger divas wish they could find. Her version of Norah Jones’s “Don’t Know Why” gives the song a heretofore unknown sexiness.

P.S. Mary’s been such a hit at Feinstein’s, they held her over for an extra week. Over New Year’s she holds forth at Palm Beach’s Colony Room for a week. It’s the place to be, in that case!

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  1. Mary Wilson has an amazing voice. I was so impressed when I heard Mary sing live in San Francisco the song I’m Changing. She received a standing ovation, well deserved. She brought tears to my eyes, as well as a lot of other people in the audience. Mary was also in tears. A night I’ll always remember as long as I live. I didn’t know that she had a voice like that, I’m still pinching myself. Such a talented individual and now it’s definitely Mary’s season. To know that her voice is as strong as ever is amazing. Look out world it’s Mary’s turn, and she’s coming out.

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