Some people have no shame.

Now the Michael Jackson estate has filed suit in Los Angeles against a bunch of people who’ve hijacked Michael’s old Heal the World Foundation. They’re passing it off as their own and claiming Michael is their president emeritus.

This is too much. The real Heal the World was shut down several years ago. Nevertheless, two people who had nothing to do with Michael Jackson ‘ Melissa Johnson and Mel Wilson ‘ decided to reactivate the name, apply for a bunch of trademarks, and carry on as if Michael were running the show from the grave. He is not. This new Heal the World Foundation has nothing to do with Michael Jackson at all. But you have to give these people credit for chutzpah: they have photos of Michael on their website, and write about him like they’re old friends.

What’s next? We can only imagine.

Just in case Michael Jackson’s fans are interested, there is currently no ‘ I mean zero, none ‘ charity officially sanctioned by his estate or left behind by him in his name.

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