rza 225x500 Clive Owens Boys Include RZA (but not GZA)Clive Owen celebrated the opening of his heart-warming new film for families, called “The Boys are Back” with a good pal last night: RZA (pronounced “Rizza”).

RZA, who’s with the Wu Tang Clan, cut quite an appearance at the “Boys Are Back” dinner at the Bon Appetit Supper Club. He came dressed in head-to-toe camouflage gear. He was the only one. If he was hoping to blend in and really be camouflaged, a suit might have been a better choice. He did not bring GZA (prononced “Gizza”) with him. But he seemed to have a good time.

“He and Clive and I were all in ‘Derailed,’ ” explained beloved New York actor Giancarlo Esposito, who was on his way to Africa to promote his new movie, “Gospel Hill.” Giancarlo is probably best known for his five episodes as a lawyer who battles Sam Waterston on “Law & Order.” But he’s literally like everywhere. He’s just signed to become a regular on “Breaking Bad.” Next year, he’s in the movie “Rabbit Hole,” based on the Broadway play.

Some of the other names at the “Boys are Back” dinner were actor Bob Balaban, who’s getting a cold and carrying Purell to disinfect anyone with whom he shakes hands; directors Robert Benton and Fred Schepisi, and, of course, Scott Hicks, the “Shine” director who made “Boys Are Back” such a treat. As for Clive Owen: put him on the short list for Best Actor considerations. He’s going to be there. And he didn’t have to blow anything up this time!

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