Former Senator John Edwards’ ex-aide, Andrew Young, has found a book publisher for his tell-all memoir.

Sources confirm that St. Martin’s Press’s Thomas Dunne Books will publish the tell-all by Young (not to be confused with the former mayor of Atlanta). Neither the book’s editor, Pete Overton, nor Young’s agent, David McCormick, returned calls or answered emails.

However, the word from inside this project is that Young’s book proposal finally found a home after this past Sunday’s tabloid-y front page story in the New York Times. The story gave no new information about Edwards or Young, but promoted Young’s book. It was a masterstroke of publicity.

If you’re not up to speed on this, here’s a recap: Edwards had an affair with videographer Rielle Hunter that culminated in her pregnancy. When the news got out, Young–who was Edwards’ lackey–said he was the father of the baby. No one name, however, went on the birth certificate. Young let Hunter live with him, his wife, and children in North Carolina, and went around taking the heat for Edwards. The Youngs and Hunter eventually moved to Santa Barbara, Calif., where campaign donor Fred Baron paid their expenses.

But when Baron died suddenly in October 2008, Young and Hunter were left adrift at sea. Hunter and her baby daughter went to live with a friend. Young, on the other hand, decided he had no recourse but to sell his story to the highest bidder.

Now, as Hunter prepares to move closer to Edwards in North Carolina, Young will tell everything about what happened in their odd saga. Some sources warn, though, that Young had better be careful in what he offers St. Martins for publication. “He has a lot of pictures that don’t belong to him,” warns a source.

What Young will presumably describe is the whole cover-up of the affair and the baby’s paternity, how Edwards may have funneled money to Hunter, how Young’s family dealt with the deception, and a pretty interesting inside look at a man who might very well have been elected president of the United States.

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