Jermaine Jackson’s big Michael Jackson tribute show set for September 26th in Vienna is in shambles.

Both Mary J. Blige and Chris Brown have denied being part of it after Jermaine announced their participation. That’s just as well, anyway. Chris Brown didn’t seem like the right fit, if you know what I mean.

If Natalie Cole is smart, she’ll stay away from this thing, too.

Sources in the Jackson camp say that Jermaine does not ‘ repeat, does not ‘ have the support of his family in thie show. His mother is said to be furious with him, and is not going. She doesn’t endorse it. Michael’s kids won’t be going either. Janet is also exempt from this thing. That leaves LaToya, maybe, and maybe a house pet.

Jermaine, it turns out, is the lightning rod for controversy within the family. The biggest issues go back to his stealing brother Randy’s wife and marrying her. They’ve since divorced, but you can imagine the trouble that caused.

Jermaine recorded a song in 1990 called “Word to the Badd,” which castigated Michael. Insiders point out that Jermaine’s involvement with Michael was never good. He introduced him to the Nation of Islam, took him to Bahrain, may have introduced him to Tohme Tohme and even held up Michael’s burial because he alone wanted him at Neverland for eternity.

The Tribute 2009 remains a mess, however. And still unclear is how Jermaine can explain what his Earth Care International Foundation is. There is no record for it anywhere. In the end, the accounting for money from tickets sold to this Vienna event is going to end in tears, acrimony, and I dare say, a court case.

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