George Clooney’s having such a good time in Venice at the Film Festival, he’s forgotten to call home.

George, I had to tell your parents yesterday at Walter Cronkite’s memorial service that you have not one but two hits coming, with Oscar buzz on each.

Clooney’s got “Up in the Air” and “The Men Who Stare at Goats” knocking out critics and audiences. Next, the films and Clooney head to the Toronto Film Festival. George also is one of the voices in Wes Anderson’s whimsical children’s movie, “Fantastic Mr. Fox.”

Now, that’s a hat-trick.

Clooney also has a bandage on his hand after breaking it. He slammed it in a car door. “Don’t you know what a klutz he is?” Nick Clooney, George’s dad, asked with a laugh.

Nick Clooney, whose sister was the legendary and wonderful Rosemary Clooney, told me he’d been a pal of Walter Cronkite’s for fifty years. Nick ‘ who’s been a broaccaster and a politician ‘ was one of the speakers yesterday at the Cronkite memorial. He and his wife Nina look way too young, though, to be George’s parents. And they keep getting younger.

I do believe Nina said to me, joking, about the new films, “George doesn’t tell us anything.” It’s nice to know these are universal problems, right?

So George, do call home. Let your parents hear some good news, not just that you broke your hand! Tell them it will be healed in time to hold an Oscar.

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