Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch has not — NOT — been sold to designer Christian Audigier. It still belongs to Michael’s estate and Colony Capital LLC.

How did this story get legs? Audigier may have purchased the Holmby Hills estate where Michael died. At least, he’s telling people he did. When Jackson died, Audigier — which is French for publicity vacuum — took huge billboards out in L.A. saying goodbye to Michael. He’s gone on TV proclaiming that they were good pals and working on a line of clothes together in secret.


Anyway, Audigier — who’s responsible for the pedestrian Ed Hardy line of clothes — has not, however, bought Neverland. The 2,900-acre ranch remains as is, awaiting some decision from the Jackson estate and Colony about what will happen. In all likelihood, it will be marketed next year and sold off. There’s nothing left in the house. It’s all gone.

Meantime, Michael’s brother Randy has issued some kind of statement complaining about news organizations that tried to film Michael’s funeral on Thursday night. Randy says it was a private family affair. And of course, it’s being sold to A&E for profit.

Other observations from the funeral on Thursday night: Rebbie Jackson would not go anywhere near her father, Joseph, and as such ceded her monitoring of Michael’s three kids. Janet Jackson shepherded the kids through the service.

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