Tomorrow, Michael Jackson’s second funeral will cost $1 million dollars.

This morning, his mother had to petition the court so that Michael’s estate would pay for this burial at Forest Lawn’s Glendale cemetery.

As I told you last week, the Jackson family didn’t have the money to bury Michael. They didn’t have it in July, when they put on a big show before and after the Staples Center memorial. The estate wound up paying for that, I’m told, and it cost north of a half a million dollars including all the limos, flowers, and the big party at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

Today, the court ruled that the estate should pay for the funeral including the extravagant mausoleum picked out by the Jacksons. It’s a mausoleum no one will ever see, except maybe in pictures to be hawked later. Anyway, the estate retains ownership of the burial structure just in case Joe Jackson gets any other weird money making ideas.

It is hoped that this will be the last burial for Michael, who died — or was murdered, depending on semantics — on June 25. Tomorrow is Sept. 3.

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