Whitney Houston was so good on Tuesday’s taping of Oprah that she’s doing a second one tomorrow.

This means that Whitney will get not only the Oprah premiere on Sept. 14, but a full second hour on Sept. 15 to finish up.

What this also means is that Houston’s “I Look to You” album should skyrocket in sales.

The CD, which was released yesterday, looks like it’s tracking toward a 300,000 copy debut. Frankly, it’s surprising everyone, even the people at Arista Records. Reports are that “I Look to You” is exceeding expectations and is No. 1 in most foreign markets after making its worldwide debut on Monday.

Houston’s success can be attributed to a lot of things, but mostly the idea that she’s overcome her difficulties and survived. Everyone loves a survival story, and Whitney is certainly one of the most rooted-for celebrities ever.

On “Oprah,” apparently Houston talks frankly with Winfrey about her drug addiction, her life with Bobby Brown, and just about everything else people are curious about. If this proves true, and Whitney really comes clean, the catharsis should re-establish her. The worst thing Houston ever did was her Diane Sawyer interview in 2002 — her infamous “I can afford better drugs than crack” speech. For Houston to open up, be honest, and take responsibility for that whole mess, well, then, she’s back.

Also on “Oprah,” set-siders (I love that expression) say Houston’s gut-wrenching performance of the Diane Warren song “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength” should ensure an outpouring of emotion– and a guaranteed hit single.

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