The Michael Jackson documentary, “This is It,” got a warning notice from the Screen Actors Guild. Someone at SAG must have panicked that the movie has never been registered with them, and that the people in it aren’t getting paid through the union.

A Member Alert went up on the union’s website that reads in part: “The producer of the theatrical motion picture ‘This Is It’ (also known as ‘Michael Jackson’s This Is It’) is not yet signed to an agreement with Screen Actors Guild covering the terms and conditions for performers and background actors employed on the picture.”

Apparently, no one has told then that “This Is It” is a documentary made from footage taken of rehearsals of Jackson’s stage show. It was never intended to be a film. No one is acting in it.

Meantime, I am told that the film is coming along nicely in the editing room. Every day director Kenny Ortega shows assembly of footage to a variety of producers involved in the project. The word is that everyone is very happy with what they’re seeing.

Most importantly, they do say that we’ll see Michael giving cogent instructions to dancers and singers, and interacting with his crew and cast. This should end once and for all the accusations that Jackson was out of it to perform, or to do the shows in London.

Meanwhile, no one knows why the police investigation into Jackson’s death is taking so long. Many people close to Jackson right before his death still have not been interviewed by the police. Nevertheless, one Jackson intimate has been very much in touch with the police, and is warning friends that something “big” and “dangerous” is about to happen. Let’s hope so.

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