Now a new Michael Jackson mystery. Who was the anonymous woman who turned the DEA onto Dr. Arnold Klein?

In the affidavit that was made public yesterday as part of a search warrant, there was this little fact: an anonymous female called the DEA and turned in Dr. Arnold Klein, Jackson’s dermatologist. The caller gave a number of aliases under which Jackson received prescriptions from the dermatologist. They included Omar’ Arnold–a name first revealed in this column two months ago–as well as Fernand Diaz, Peter Madonie, and Josephine Baker. The police found a prescription in Jackson’s house made out to Omar Arnold.

And now I’m told that following the revelations about Dr. Conrad Murray yesterday, Dr. Klein is next. And the evidence concerning him will be much more detailed since Klein has been involved with Jackson for over 20 years. Nearly everyone in Jackson’s inner circles over the years has been involved with him, too.

And who is the mystery woman? The likely candidate, I am told, is Debbie Rowe. The mother of Jackson’s two eldest children worked for Klein in the 90s. She met Jackson in his office. She is said to hold Klein responsible for Jackson’s drug problems. In recent weeks, Klein has even had her barred from his offices. Rowe is said to have been very upset when Klein started suggesting he was the children’s father. “It made her skin crawl,” says a friend. Rowe would be only one of many who’d know what Klein gave Jackson over the years–and certainly an excellent witness in a trial.

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