Mel Gibson’s soon to be ex-wife Robyn is still listed as vice president of his $50 million church.

To be more specific: Mel, according to just filed tax records, now has $49.5 million tied up in his A P Reilly Foundation, which funds his Holy Family Catholic Church in Malibu, California.

Last year, the “Lethal Weapon” star contributed another $6.5 million into the Foundation. It’s unclear where the money went since the Foundation’s expenses added up to $224,126. Total cash on hand at the end of the year was $30,467.

The church is not recognized by the Archdiocese of, well, anything. It’s merely a private church that Mel built for local families who don’t believe in the Pope or the rulings of Vatican II.

For a few years, Gibson was busy building at the property. But construction seems to be completed. In 2008, A P Reilly lists only landscaping and architect services, totaling $205,184.00 as his biggest expenses.

But Gibson keeps parking millions in the Foundation. He lists total assets at $49.5 million for 2008. And his ex, Robyn, remains vice president of the Foundation despite their ongoing divorce. The filing was signed by a tax preparer on May 23, 2009, the same week that Mel told Jay Leno he was expecting a new baby ‘ his 8th child ‘ with his Russian mistress, Oksana Grigorieva (pictured here, with Mel).

Getty photo

Getty photo

AP Reilly Foundation otherwise lists property taxes of $52,000 and miscellaneous expenses of $88,000. The Foundation makes no donations to other charities, or gives grants of any kind. Why Gibson needs to keep millions in it, tax free, is anyone’s guess.

The Foundation’s major asset is listed as “artwork” worth $416,375.

Gibson is currently working on a new film called, without irony, “The Beaver,” directed by Jodie Foster. His first film in which he stars as an actor in eight years. “Edge of Darkness,” is set for release next January. Meantime, he’s directed four music videos for Grigorieva, whose pop album he also financed and produced, and on which he sings background. Among Grigorieva’s deathless lyrics: “I like the way you wear your skin.”

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