The nanny who raised Michael Jackson’s kids, then turned on him and sold him out when she was fired, is finally history.

Grace Rwaramba is out of the lives of Prince, Paris, and Blanket Jackson after having an actual fist fight, sources say, with Rebbie Jackson.

Grace started at Neverland in the administrative office in 1994. Once source says she was introduced to Jackson by Deepak Chopra. She worked her way up to nanny in 1997 when Prince as born, and never let go. For years she was Jackson’s sole confidante.

There are often rumors that she and Michael Jackson were lovers, or some such nonsense. But Grace was married in 1995 to Stacey Adair. Last December 2008, she married again, to a fellow Ugandan who’s in the oil business.

Over the years, Rwaramba appeared to be fiercely loyal to Jackson. But last spring, when she was fired for the last time, by Tohme Tohme, she sold her story to Israeli interviewer Daphne Barak. They taped the interview just before Michael died. She quickly returned to the Jackson home, but the interview was revealed. Since the children have lived with their grandmother, Grace clashed with Katherine Jackson over how to raise them.

I am told Rwaramba is still in London, where she’s been trying to stop Barak from selling her interviews. In the meantime, she’s lost her status as the Jackson nanny.

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