penelope cruz 2 Penelope Cruz NOT Pregnant, Muchas GraciasWe can all put away our baby gifts. Penelope Cruz is not pregnant.

Despite reports all over the Internet that culminated in a local tabloid’s speculation, Cruz is not expecting a child. I got the info from one of her close buddies (for real).

In fact, Penelope appeared in London and Berlin less than a month ago to promote her new movie, Pedro Almodovar’s “Broken Embraces.” She was very clearly not pregnant and not attempting to hide any “baby bump.”

If Penelope’s off the circuit for a couple of weeks, maybe she’s taking a vacation! She should. In a couple of weeks, the “Broken Embraces” publicity will kick into high gear as the movie is shown at several film festivals before its September opening. And then, of course, there will be an Oscar campaign. Not a good time for morning sickness.

Maybe this rumor got started because at the Cannes Film Festival in late May, Penelope got a stomach flu. She was pretty green around the gills. But if she’d been a month pregnant at the end of May. she’d be showing by now. And by the looks of her recent pictures, it ain’t so. We’ll have to defer to her friend, and put away the rocking chairs for the time being.

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