Sony’announced yesterday that “This is It,” the Michael Jackson movie of his rehearsals up until the day he died, will get a limited release.

The film’for which Sony paid $60 million’will play in theaters for just two weeks. That’s it, two weeks. Maybe three if it’s really popular. But this way, everyone involved is hopeful of sold-out shows day and night.

And then? A super DVD package for Christmas. That shouldn’t be too difficult. “This is It” will open on Wednesday, Oct. 28, and end its run on Nov. 13. DVDs could easily be ready to ship to stores right after Thanksgiving. The package would be No. 1 overnight.

This is another of the very good moves by Jackson’s estate, led by executors John Branca and John McClain. If only Katherine Jackson’s legal team would step out of the way and let them do their jobs.

Today, Mrs. Jackson’s lawyers are sending everyone back into court to fight yet again over the estate’s agreement with AEG Live over touring a show of Michael’s memorabilia. This is the same show that Julien’s Auctions put on last April at the Robinsons-May store in Beverly Hills.

Hello? In the two months since Michael died, the estate has brought in $100 million or more, including $5.5 million they got back from Tohme Tohme, Michael’s former manager. Mrs. Jackson’s lawyers don’t seem to like this because they’re not in on it. Mrs. Jackson says she wants to go over these decisions with her financial advisers. That’s a team consisting of her son, Randy, daughter La Toya, and Leonard Rowe, the twice-incarcerated concert promoter who was successfully sued by R. Kelly. She might be better off asking strangers!

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