Michael Jackson, still not buried properly, faces yet another burial postponement.

The most recent announcement was that Michael would be buried on August 29th, his birthday. This seemed odd to this column since Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t celebrate birthdays.

But now the date is postponed to September 3rd because the Jacksons say they aren’t ready. Michael is ready, trust me. But the city of Glendale says they’re charging the Jacksons $50,000 for police protection. The question is, who will pay this bill?

It turns out that the big Staples Center memorial and the mishegos that preceded it at Forest Lawn–limos, etc–cost AEG Live $600,000. The Jacksons did not pay for it. In fact, in court today sources say AEG may try and get the money back from the Jackson estate.

The main problem with all this parading around–funerals, services, etc– is that the Jacksons do not have any money. Other than what they’ve managed to exploit from Michael’s death, they have no actual income. For years, the family lived on Michael’s handouts. But now that he’s gone, there’s a crisis, insiders say.

But here’s a solution: why not just have a simple internment at Forest Lawn, unannounced and without any fanfare? That would cost a lot less than $50 Gs.

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