If only some of these “gossip columns” checked their facts and figures.

One of yesterday’s local papers got just about everything wrong in its story about Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston’s new albums. I do hope Michael Lewittes takes them to task in his new Gossip Cop blog.

The NY Daily News apparently doesn’t know that this year’s Grammy eligibility deadline has moved up a month to Aug. 31. Because the decision was made late, Carey decided to wait and make her album good instead of rushed. As you can read in this column, the album is done and very, very good.

Whitney’s album is being released officially on Aug. 31. It’s been moved up a day from Sept. 1. I’m just sayin’…let’s get this stuff right. It ain’t rocket science.

Carey, by the way, cancelled a bunch of dates once the album was completed, and went on a late, delayed summer vacation. She has a big fall ahead, with the album release and the Lee Daniels Oscar movie, “Precious.”

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