Michael Jackson’s death has been something of a godsend for Michael Jackson’s brothers.

Before Michael died, the brothers filmed a one-hour pilot for A&E that was supposed to include some kind of reunion of them with Michael. But Michael never agreed to it, didn’t do it, and died before it could be discussed again.

But sources tell me that A&E has approved going forward with a series of further episodes that will show the Jackson brothers grappling with Michael’s death and their own lives. And that should be interesting since it’s unlikely any of them had seen Michael for much more than a few minutes at their parents’ bogus 60th wedding anniversary party this year.

An A&E spokesman declined comment; sources close to the network say the deal for a series isn’t done yet.’But the original A&E deal was a pilot with provisions for a series, so it’s going to happen. It hasn’t been decided whether the footage that exists will be shaped into a number of half hour or hour long sessions. It certainly has all the promise of “Being Bobby Brown,” that’s for sure.

Meantime, the pilot’which may include at least a reference at its end that Michael has died–will be aired on A&E within the month, sources say. The deal, by the way, was put together by Danny O’Donovan, who has faithfully managed the group since they left Motown in the late 70s.

By the way, you can read an earlier, excellent piece about Jodi Gomes, producer of the pilot, by THR’s James Hibberd here.

Meantime, don’t dismiss the idea that NBC won’t try and do something with the Jacksons. Even though insiders say there are no plans right now, my sources say the network is “desperate” to find a few blockbuster lead-ins to Jay Leno this fall. A Jackson special might just do the trick.

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