Michael Jackson’s father, Joseph, has an idea what his kids are worth even as adults.

Yesterday I told you that Patrick Alloco of AllGood Entertainment made an offer to Michael Jackson’s siblings to tour around the world. In his letter to Jermaine Jackson he said the five brothers were worth $1.5 million, Janet $4 mil, La Toya $500K, and Rebbie just $250K.

Well, Alloco tells me now that he didn’t just arbitrarily make up those figures. He got them from Joseph Jackson’s henchman, er, lackey: Leonard Rowe.

You remember Leonard Rowe. He’s the guy who went on Larry King with Joe. Then I told you he had a nice, long prison record. The odds are, if Leonard Rowe gave figures, they came from Joseph Jackson. Now we know what he thinks of Rebbie and LaToya. The abuse never ends.

Alloco says: “We wanted to give the family a lump sum payment for them to divide amongst themselves; Rowe was adamantly opposed and said that the offer needed to separate Janet’s guarantee from the brothers and so on.”

Aloco also says that it was Rowe who told him that a London promoter had offered the Jacksons, with the exception of Jermaine, a $4 million cashier’s check last week to do his (the London promoter’s) shows. But it seems that Rowe’under instructions from Joseph’was making that up to use as leverage.

As I’ve said before, if Michael Jackson had a grave. he’d be spinning in it!

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