The Radio Nazis ‘ the Soup Nazis of the National Association of Broadcasters ‘ are at it again.

They’re plowing more money into new, crazy commercials designed to scare and confuse listeners.

The NAB is now making it seem like supporting the Performance Rights Act is akin to helping “Fat Cat” record labels get richer by taxing radio.

Hello? Does the NAB read Billboard or this column? Record labels are fighting for their lives. The whole business is in a sinkhole.

And the fat cats? Are those the recording artists whose music has played for free, without remuneration, for 50 years on radio stations? What I like about the NAB is the suggestion that the passing of the Performance Rights Act would mean the stations would stop playing pop music. Not bloody likely.

Anyway, it goes on and on. This commercial is particularly nutty.

Here’s the text, in case you can’t hear it:

“Once upon a time, the Record Label Fat Cat gorged on rich, tasty profits he got from music sales through radio. The radio played the music. The people bought the music. And the Fat Cat got fatter and fatter. At least, he did, until he ate up all his profits. Now he wants to tax the radio to see if he can taste a few more profits, by biting the hand that feeds him.

“But, that’s not so good for radio. It’s even worse for music and listeners. And it’s not a very happy ending to the story. The Record Label Fat Cat is fat enough. Let’s take the Performance Tax off his plate. If you want the real story of the Performance Tax, go to

“Don’t feed the Fat Cat.”

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