Michael Jackson’s siblings are fielding offers from a music promoter for millions of dollars.

Patrick Allocco, who was suing Michael Jackson up until the moment he died, now wants to pay Michael’s brothers and sisters millions to perform together.

Allocco, who runs AllGood Entertainment in New Jersey, teamed with Michael’s former short-term manager, Tohme R. Tohme, when the latter was fired last spring. Allocco, Tohme and Michael’s father, Joseph, all had the idea for the Jackson family to perform in Texas. Michael didn’t want to do it.

Now Allocco has sent Jermaine Jackson a letter dated Aug. 11 saying: “All I am asking of you is to arrange for me to deal directly with the family. The ‘middle men’ model that I have been subscribing to has failed and caused me great frustration. I spoke with Dr. Tohme this morning and forwarded him the above contract.”

Alloco offers Janet Jackson $4 million, each of the Jackson brothers $1.5 million, $500,000 to LaToya and $250,00 to Rebbie. He says he’s got $1 million ready to go in escrow if they’ll agree to his terms.

Last year, Allocco offered to put $1 million in escrow if Michael’s ex-manager Frank DiLeo could get Michael and the family to do the Texas show. He never funded the account, so DiLeo wouldn’t deal with him.

Yesterday, another outlet made it seem like the family was asking for these amounts. They weren’t; this was an unsolicited offer. And the same outlet didn’t have the letter from Allocco to Jermaine Jackson. They did, however, use the questionable Tohme (who is not a doctor) as their source. Whoops!

So Patrick Allocco won’t give up. He tells Jermaine in the letter that he spoke with Michael on the Sunday before he died, and that he’d agreed to the Texas deal. He says that Dennis Hawk, Tohme’s lawyer, was drafting an agreement on the morning Michael died and was emailing it to him. Whatever.

Even better: Allocco says he can’t find anyone who’s honest to deal with in the Jackson family’s extended circle. “Each seems to have his own agenda,” Allocco writes.

I couldn’t agree more.

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