I love it when old news ‘ first reported here ‘ turns up somewhere else fresh as a daisy.

Back on July 23 I told you that Dr. Conrad Murray, whom the LAPD is now investigating for manslaughter, had bad medicine in his genes.

His father, the late Rawle Andrews of Houston, had his medical license severely limited from 1994-99. The reason: improperly prescribing heavy anesthesia-like drugs to two patients.

If you click here, you can see the filing by the Texas Medical Board. That was July 23. Today is Aug. 14. Repurposing news is as simple as ABC, apparently.

More important is the question of where Murray came from and how Michael Jackson found him. Originally, Murray’s lawyers said the doctor met Michael in 2006 in Las Vegas when Jackson needed a doctor for his kids.

But kids don’t need cardiologists. And Jackson was not in the U.S. in 2006 at all.

What my sources say is that Jackson needed a new doctor in 2009 and called around to find one who would do what he wanted. The cash-strapped Murray, deeply in debt, seemed like the right guy.

Murray, though, is just the last’in a long string of doctors who did Jackson’s bidding. Dr. Arnold Klein is the constant through Jackson’s whole adult life. Dr. Stuart Finkelstein, Neil Ratner, and many others came before him.

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