hudson jennifer 250x300 Jennifer Hudson Pulls Off CoupJennifer Hudson is at home today with her new baby son, David Daniel Otunga, Jr. The baby is truly a bundle of joy for Jennifer and David Sr., who are planning to marry soon. The baby, and the order of these events, “just happened,” Jennifer says.

I first reported David Jr.’s birth around 5 a.m. yesterday in this space. No one else in the world knew about it. So it was absolutely fascinating to see the announcement take off, and to see how it got attributed.

Most outlets credited this column. But some did not. US Weekly, for example, posted an item taken almost verbatim from this column. Then Yahoo’s OMG column picked it up, also with crediting The Hollywood Reporter. As the day went along, several outlets credited either People or the Associated Press, because they used the story and only tacked on our credit at the end, as an afterthought. The Huffington Post did that, which was disappointing because we always credit them.

Associated Press was most interesting, because they’re running around trying to stop everyone on the internet from stealing or repurposing their material without permission.

None of this takes away from Jennifer’s miracle, and the coup she staged by conducting her pregnancy her own way, in private, and not as a publicity event. Little David, it seems, is going to have a blessedly normal life. How refreshing, and utterly like the Jennifer Hudson everyone’s come to know and love.

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