84682 antichrist 250x3001 Vile Cannes Treat Antichrist Coming to NY Film Fest“Antichrist” ‘ reviled, awful, coughed up like a hairball at Cannes ‘ is coming to The New York Film Festival. Lars von Trier’s sexfest with Willem Dafoe will be a feature presentation this fall at Lincoln Center.

It’s the one film of real interest on a list of mostly foreign films and releases of things that people really won’t be too excited about.

With the exception of Lee Daniel’s “Precious” and a new print of “The Wizard of Oz,” this should be some film festival.

The funny thing is, new and unpopular executive director Mara Manus went to Cannes, had an unsuccessful lunch for Hollywood types. Everyone was scared that the NYFF would be overrun with Hollywood releases. Surprise! There aren’t any, not even the Coen Brothers’ new film.

What happened? Well, Lisa Schwarzbaum of Entertainment Weekly is gone, and so is any connection to commercial or even indie commercial reality. The other title of this article could be: “Mariah Carey only celebrity expected this year.”

The opening-night film is veteran French director Alain Resnais‘ not so great “Wild Grass,” which most people at Cannes hated.

The closing-night film is Pedro Almodovar’s “Broken Embraces,” starring Penelope Cruz, which is interesting but not “Volver.”

All one can think is that Manus was taken captive by French cineastes at Cannes and tortured, or that someone in her family writes subtitles.

Luckily, Yom Kippur falls right in the middle of the festival schedule, so we can all repent.

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