I told you first, on July 21st. that Sony would release its Michael Jackson movie on October 30th.

Well, now it’s official. The movie was one of several deals for Michael Jackson’s estate that were approved yesterday.

But the entire court proceeding endured a curve ball yesterday. The reason? The judge in the case decided ‘ mostly because of crazy lawyering on the Jackson family side ‘ that a separate lawyer should be chosen to represent Michael’s kids.

This effectively knocks out Katherine Jackson’s legal team having anything to do with the kids, who are the main beneficiaries of the estate.

And how did this happen? Katherine Jackson’s lawyers started objecting to the sound deals being made by the estate’s executors involving merchandising and Michael’s likeness, as well as his deal with AEG Live. The judge hearing the case was then pushed to bring in a law guardian for the kids.

Katherine Jackson’s side’s nitpicking looks it has cost her her legal and monetary ties to the children.

This is similar in a way to what happened on the Monday after Michael died. Knowing full well that a will would be presented to the court, but not knowing what was in it, Katherine’s side went ahead and told the court that Michael died without a will. This meant that only his heirs ‘ his kids ‘ would inherit the estate. If that had gone through, instead of the will which made it to court later, Katherine Jackson would have screwed herself out of her portion.

So far, so good, for the Jackson estate executors. They’ve made great strides in the last six weeks, a real accomplishment considering what they’re up against.

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