Exclusive: It’s official! Oscar winner and “American Idol” star Jennifer Hudson gave birth to a baby boy late yesterday. His name is David Daniel Otunga, Jr., named for his father and Hudson’s fiancee. Hudson tells me he weighed in at seven pounds, fourteen ounces. And Jennifer and David, Sr., by the way, did not know the sex of the baby in advance. They bought blue and pink clothes, just in case!

Hudson’s pregnancy has been an unusual one for a star. For one thing, she never announced it. She simply turned up “showing” at a concert last winter and let the fans speculate for themselves.

Part of this was privacy, some of it was superstition, but most of it had to do with the terrible tragedy she and her family underwent last October. The murders of her mother, brother and nephew were beyond comprehension. But Jennifer, who is basically a positive person, turned lemons into lemonade. She and fiancee Otunga conceived a child soon after the episode.

So many congrats to Jennifer and David Otunga. The other day her recording of “The Star Spangled Banner,” which had been included on the second collection of songs for the Obama inauguration, shuffled up on my Zen XFi (no iPods here). It was magnificent. Hudson has the potential to be the Aretha or Gladys of this generation. And now she’ll be a mom, too.

P.S. Note to paparazzi: Hudson is not where you think she is, so just forget it. By the time you read this, she and David Jr. will be snug as a bug in a rug far from prying eyes!

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