Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” show may wind up in Las Vegas a la the Beatles’ “Love” show at the Mirage Hotel.

Sources say that the new thinking is that “This Is It” could set up shop at a Vegas hotel and become a permanent institution in Sin City.

The sets for “This Is It” are currently being stored at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. But the cast and crew, including director Kenny Ortega, are itching to show the world what they were working on before Jackson died on June 25th.

Either way, they’ll get their chance. As I first reported, the whole saga of “This Is It” is coming to movie theaters on Oct. 30th courtesy of Sony/Columbia Pictures.

Today (Monday) under armed guard all the elements of the film project will be transferred from AEG Live’s secure editing bays to the Sony Studios. I’m told the film is basically done, but everything has to be finalized with a locked print by mid September to insure the gearing up of a massive marketing campaign. Sony paid $60 million for the film rights, but with prints and promotion that number is sure to skyrocket past $75 million.

The movie will not be the only release for Oct. 30th. I’m told Sony Music is racing to ship a CD soundtrack to accompany the film. That CD should be an enormous hit considering that right now Michael Jackson CDs are all over the charts starting at number 1, all over the world. What a shame that Michael is dead. He’s finally the King of Pop, and he’s not here to enjoy it.

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