I was sorry to read this morning about the passing of the great Sidney Zion, lawyer, writer and journalist, at age 75.

There’s a very good obit in the New York Times today of Sid. I knew him mostly from Elaine’s, where he was a regular presence, full of terrific stories and lots of laugh.

But Sid was also on top of everything. I will never forget his help back in April 2000, on the night we discovered Rudy Giuliani was on a “date” with his then mistress, Judith Nathan. Sid wore a full brimmed hat, like someone from a 1950s movie’and in my memory of it, as I zipped out Elaine’s front door to go see Rudy and Judy over at Cronie’s bar, having a midnight supper, it was Sid’jumping up, putting on the hat, coming over to confirm the story.

With four decades of writing for newspapers, he knew it was the hot story. He was my backup that night, coming back from Cronie’s to confirm what we’d seen’a married mayor, one day from an announcement he had prostate cancer, publicly wooing his next wife without informing his current one.

Sid, you will be missed. I hope the gang at Elaine’s raises a glass to you tonight.

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