Debbie Rowe is just fine with the ruling yesterday that Katherine Jackson is the permanent guardian of her children.

Michael Jackson’s ex knew that his mother would be named the adult in charge of raising Prince Michael and Paris Katherine (as well as now orphaned “Blanket”).

The idea behind the arrangement was to let the kids stay where they’re comfortable until they get to know Rowe’a woman they met maybe once, four years ago.

Insiders who know about the custody agreement put it this way: “Katherine is 79 years old. Permnanent guardianship? Debbie will have a relationship with those kids long before Katherine dies.”

Rowe and Katherine Jackson should meet this week, followed by the first meeting of Rowe with the kids and a psychologist. Eventually it’s hoped that the children, even Blanket, will go to live with Rowe outside the glare of the Jackson spotlight in Encino.

Meantime, it’s interesting to note who showed up in the courtroom yesterday with Katherine from the Jackson family’just Randy, LaToya, and Rebbie, aka the “stable” Jackson. There was no sign of Janet, who various websites and blogs went crazy speculating as a possible guardian. And as I noted over the weekend, Joseph Jackson is now totally out of the picture, as per the agreement with Debbie Rowe.

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